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List of Top 100 Indian boy Baby names which are modern, popular, perfect and trending. Choose a name for your baby from these best boy baby names of India.. Search latest baby names of 2019 for your baby from a very trending and popular baby names collection because this name will be forever. We are aware of your big responsibilities so we are committed to helping you to give a better name to your baby. Here you can find out the top baby names of 2019.

Find Top Baby Names of 2019 by Gender, Origin and Starting Character

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aadi First, Most Important,Beginning, Starting, Source form of life Boy Hindu
Aarav Peaceful, Ray, Hope, Radiating Light, Sanskrit: "peaceful," "melodious sound" Boy Hindu
Aarnav Ocean, Sea, Deepest sea, A variant of Arnav Boy Hindu
Aarush First Ray of Sun, Sunshine, Radiance or Brightness of the sun Boy Hindu
Aayush Long Life, Blessing, A variant name of aaush Boy Hindu
Abhimanyu Arjuna's Son, Pride Boy Hindu
Aditya Lord of the sun Boy Hindu
Advay Unique, Exclusive, Someone who has no equivalent, unequalled, Matchless Boy Hindu
Advik Unique, Exclusive, Someone who has no equivalent, unequalled, Matchless Boy Hindu
Agastya Name of a Sage , A derivative from Agasthya which represents the star of Canopus Boy Hindu
Amol Priceless, Valuable, Precious, One who is dearmost Boy Hindu
Anay Name of Radha's Husband as per Hindu Myth, One of the names of Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Ansh Portion, A little part of things, Honesty Boy Hindu
Arjun Bright, shining, white, clear Boy Hindu
Aryan Beyond anyone's strength Boy Hindu
Atharv One of names of Lord Ganesha, Knower of Vedas, Knowledgeable One Boy Hindu
Ayaan They are inclined towards God Boy Islam
Ayush Long Life, One who is blessed to live long, A variant name of Aayush Boy Hindu
Ayushman Blessed with long life, A derivative name from Aaush Boy Hindu
Daksh Name of a King Boy Hindu
Darsh Name of Lord Krishna Boy Hindu
Dhruv A firm and faithful individual, polar star Boy Hindu
Gautam Lord Buddha, The Name of the Buddha Boy Hindu
Harsh Gladness, chearfullness Boy Hindu
Harshil Joyful Boy Sikh, Hindu
Kalpit Thought, One who imagines, A Visionary, Reflection, Notion Boy Hindu
Karan Karan means He who Helps Boy Christianity, Hindu
Krish Krish is short form of Lord Krishna Boy Judaism, Hindu
Krishna Krishna means All-Attractive Boy,Girl Judaism, Hindu
Laksh Destination. To aim or ashieve something that is targeted Boy Judaism, Hindu
Lakshay Target, Aim, Goal, Objective, Aspire, Ambition, Boy Hindu
Nachiket The person who is the son of Vajashravas. Boy Judaism, Hindu
Naksh A drawing or a sketch Boy Judaism, Hindu
Neel Sky blue color, bluish image. Boy Judaism, Hindu
Om The Sacred Syllable, Primordial sound, Origin of all sounds, Boy Hindu
Parth One who can never miss the target Boy Judaism, Hindu
Pranav Phonic sound for sacred syllable Om, To make a humming or droning sound Boy Hindu
Praneel One of many names referring to Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Pranit God, One who is as dear as life, Modest, Simple, Straightforward Boy Hindu
Pratyush A Sun-like person Boy Hindu
Rachit An invention or something that is written Boy Hindu
Raghav Name of Lord Rama Boy Hindu
Ranbir A brave warrior Boy Hindu
Ranveer A winner Boy Hindu
Reyansh One who can be comapared to the first ray of sun in the morning Boy Hindu
Rishi A priest's name Boy Hindu
Ronith A very charming young man Boy Hindu
Rushil He who has a charming personality Boy Hindu
Saksham A capable, skilful person Boy Hindu
Samaksh To be in front of something or someone Boy Hindu
Samarth One who has the power Boy Hindu
Samesh The Lord of equality Boy Hindu
Sarthak Having meaning, purpose Boy Hindu
Shaurya Brave Boy Hindu
Shivansh Lor Shiv's portion Boy Hindu
Siddharth White mustard, buddha Boy Hindu
Veer One who is brave. Another name of Lord Mahavir Boy Jainism
Yash Victory or glory Boy Jainism
Abdul Knowledge Boy Islamic
Abeer Fragrance, Strong, Auspicious redpowder traditionally applied during the festival of holi Boy Islamci
Advaith Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu, Non duality Boy Hindu
Akshay Eternal, Immortal, Indestructible Boy Hindu
Anmol Priceless, Invaluable, precious Boy Hindu
Arin Full of Joy, Mountain strength, Ireland, Peace, Sunray Boy Hindu
Arnav Ocean, Air, Sun, Wave, Stream, Sea Boy Hindu
Avi The Sun and air Boy Hindu
Azaan Call for the prayer Boy Islamic
Azad Free, Independent Boy Islamic
Dev God, King, light, heavenly, Cloud Boy Hindu
Devansh Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod Boy Hindu
Farhan Glad, Joyful, Happy Boy Islamic
Isaac Protector, Safeguard Boy
Ishaan Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing prosperity Boy Hindu
Jason He that cures Boy
Kabir Indian saint in 1440, Great, Famoussufi saint, Noble Boy Islamic, Persian
Kiaan Grace of God, Ancient or distant Boy Hindu
Mohammed Arab prophet and founder of Islam Boy Islamic
Nakul Mongoose Boy Hindu
Rayaan Fragrant herb, Atmosphere, galaxy, gates of Heaven Boy Hindu
Rehaan Sweet Scented Boy Islamic
Rohan Ascending, Blossom, Another name for Vishnu, rising Boy Hindu
Ryan Descendent of the king Boy Hindu
Sai A dagger with two sharp prongs curving outward from the hilt, originating in Okinawa and sometimes used in pairs in martial arts Boy Hindu
Samar War, battle Boy Hindu
Tejas Sharp, Lustre, Brilliance Boy Hindu
Vedant Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas, theology Boy Hindu
Viaan Full of life, Lively. Boy Hindu
Vihaan Dawn, morning Boy Hindu
Viraj Resplendent Boy Hindu
Vivaan Full of life Boy Hindu
Yug Historic period, era Boy Hindu
Zayan Beautifier Boy Islamic