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List-4 of popular Indian baby names A to Z. Pick a unique and appealing Indian baby name for your baby like Aarurdoss, Aarush. Search latest baby names of 2019 for your baby from a very trending and popular baby names collection because this name will be forever. We are aware of your big responsibilities so we are committed to helping you to give a better name to your baby. Here you can find out the top baby names of 2019.

Find Top Baby Names of 2019 by Gender, Origin and Starting Character

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aarurdoss One who is in Everyone, present in everyone's life Boy Hindu
Aarush First Ray of Sun, Sunshine, Radiance or Brightness of the sun Boy Hindu
Aarushi First rays of the sun, Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of Sun, Early morning Sunshine Girl Hindu
Aaryaman Bosom Friend, Play fellow, Companion, Name of one of the old vedic deitie Boy Hindu
Aaryan Kind Hearted, Good to Others, Illustrious, Glorious, Renowned Girl Hindu
Aaryanna Powerful & complete who renowned by Lord Girl Hindu
Aaryash Brilliant, Intelligent Boy Hindu
Aaryav Noble Person, Wise and Knowledgeable Boy Hindu
Aaryavir Brave Man , Courageous Person, Fearless man Boy Hindu
Aaryesh King of Arya Boy Hindu
Aarzoo Wish, Desire, Want, Crave Boy Hindu
Aasaithambi Power of Self Respect Boy Hindu
Aasamana Power of Self Respect Boy Hindu
Aasha Hope, Desire, Wish, Hopeful, Wishful thinking Girl Hindu
Aasha Latha Creeper Of Hope, Aasha means wishes or desire and Latha means creeper Girl Hindu
Aashadhar One who Keeps Hope, Full filler of wishes Boy Hindu
Aashank Faith, trust, belief Boy Hindu
Aashay Summary, Gist, powerful, meaningful, influence, potent Boy Hindu
Aashi Smile, Laughter, Cheerful, Delighted and Happy, Girl Hindu
Aashish Blessing, bestowment of God, Mercy of God Boy Hindu
Aashka Mercy of God, Blessings, bestowment of God Boy Hindu
Aashlesh To Embrace , acceptance Boy Hindu
Aashman Son of the sun, Boy Hindu
Aashna Beloved, Devoted to love, Someone who treasures love, Dearmost, Close to heart, One who fulfills wishes Girl Hindu
Aashrita One who has taken refuge in the Lord, One who seeks shelter in abode of God, One of many names of Goddess Laxmi Girl Hindu
Aashrith Ruler, One of the many names of Lord Vinayaka Boy Hindu
Aashutosh One who is easily pleased, One who Full fills Wishes Instantly Boy Hindu
Aashvi One of many names of Goddess Saraswati Girl Hindu
Aasif An Able Minister Boy Hindu
Aasit Black Stone Boy Hindu
Aasra Sahara, Help, Anchor, To serve Boy Hindu
Aastha Faith, Belief, Trust, Hope, Wish, Devotion, Loyalty Girl Hindu
Aastik One who has faith in god, Believer in God Boy Hindu
Aasvi Little Mare Boy Hindu
Aatherya A Disciple of Sage Vamadeva Boy Hindu
Aathiswaran The Fire , Refers to the God of origin, Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Aathmika Someone who is related to aathma or soul, One who is very soulful and close to inner heart Girl Hindu
Aathrav Auspicious, Lucky, It is also one of Lord Ganesha's Name Boy Hindu
Aatma Soul, Light Of The Lord, A deeply felt Emotion Boy Hindu
Aatmadeva God of the Soul, A variant name from Aatma Boy Hindu
Aatmaj Son, Beloved to soul, A variant name of Aatma Boy Hindu
Aatmik Spirit, Soul, A variant name of Aatma Boy Hindu
Aatrey An ancient Name Boy Hindu
Aatreya Name of a sage , A derivative from Aatrey Boy Hindu
Aaush Long Life, A variant name of Aayush Boy Hindu
Aaushi One who is careful, knowledgeable and blessed with a long Life Girl Jainism
Aavansh Forthcoming Generation Boy Hindu
Aayakar Someone willing to comply to commands,obedient Boy
Aayam Dimensions, extension in time Boy Hindu
Aayansh Sun, like splendour or brightness of sun Boy Hindu
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