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List-3 of popular Indian baby names A to Z. Pick a unique and appealing Indian baby name for your baby like Aanand, Aananda. Search latest baby names of 2019 for your baby from a very trending and popular baby names collection because this name will be forever. We are aware of your big responsibilities so we are committed to helping you to give a better name to your baby. Here you can find out the top baby names of 2019.

Find Top Baby Names of 2019 by Gender, Origin and Starting Character

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aanand Joy Or Bliss, Happiness, Delight, Pleasure, Good Fortune, Contentment of Joy Boy Hindu
Aananda Happiness, Delight, Pleasure, Good Fortune, Contentment of Joy Boy Hindu
Aanandaprakash Wild Wind Boy Hindu
Aanandswarup Full of joy, Filled with Happiness, Delight, Pleasure, Boy Hindu
Aanat One who is humble and very courteous Boy Jainism
Aanav Humane, pertaining to life qualities Boy Hindu
Aanay Aanay is another name of Lord Ganesha. Boy Jainism
Aanchal Protective shelter, Refuge, Safe haven, Sanctuary Girl Hindu
Aandaleeb The bulbul bird Boy Hindu
Aangsuman Sun Rays , Brightness of the Sun, Radiance from the Sun Boy Hindu
Aanick Atom, smallest source of existence Boy Hindu
Aanjaney Lord Hanuman Boy Hindu
Aanjaneya Son of Anjani, Refers to Lord Hanuman Boy Hindu
Aanjay Unconquerable, being victorious, Win, Gain Boy Hindu
Aansh Portion, Allotment by God, Inherited Boy Hindu
Aapal Regard, sentiment of affection, esteem, respect Boy Hindu
Aapt Trustworthy, Friend, Believing, Faithful, Reliable Boy Hindu
Aaquid One who Seeks the Right Direction, One who Promises, Boy Hindu
Aar One who brings light, It is an abbreviated form of Aarav Boy Hindu
Aaraadhak Worshipper , A variant form of Aaradhak Boy Hindu
Aarab The one very capacious and powerful Boy Hindu
Aaradhak Worshipper of God , A Variant name of Aaraadhak Boy Hindu
Aaradhana Worship, Reverence, Adoration, Devotion, Adulation, Respect, An act of glorifying God Girl Hindu
Aaradhay Regard, sentiment of affection, esteem, respect Boy Hindu
Aaradhaya Regard, sentiment of affection, esteem, respect Girl Hindu
Aaradhy Adorable, Charming, Very attractive, Delightful Boy Hindu
Aaradhya To be worshipped, To be accomplished, To be made favorable, To be adored and respected Girl Hindu
Aaral The one as beautiful as a flower Girl Hindu
Aaranay Means Wild Forest, it signifies fertility, abundance, plentiful, greenery, generosity Boy Hindu
Aaranyan Means Forest, signifies wild greenery Boy Hindu
Aarav Peaceful, Ray, Hope, Radiating Light, Sanskrit: "peaceful," "melodious sound" Boy Hindu
Aarhant Protector from Enemies, A gaurdian Boy Hindu
Aariketh Ganesh , God of Knowledge and Wisdom representing Lord Ganesh Boy Hindu
Aarish First Ray of Sun, Boy Hindu
Aarit One who Seeks the Right Direction, Correct Path, Boy Hindu
Aariv King of Wisdom , Knowledge, Intelligence Boy Hindu
Aarjav One who is steadfast in Happiness and Sorrow Boy Hindu
Aarman Desire, Awesome, Crave, Want, Wish Boy Hindu
Aarnav Ocean, Sea, Deepest sea, A variant of Arnav Boy Hindu
Aarnes Red Silk , Finest like the silk Boy Hindu
Aaroha Always Ascending , One who always arises and never falls Boy Hindu
Aarpan Giving Away, offering , To donate Boy Hindu
Aarpit To Donate, Giving away, offering Girl Hindu
Aarsh Crown, To gloat, With regal dignity and power Boy Hindu
Aarshabh An Another Name of Lord Sri Krishna Boy Hindu
Aarshin Pious, Sacred, Religious Devotion Boy Hindu
Aarth The meaning, Red Glimpse, God, Supreme Being, Creator Boy Hindu
Aarumugham Another Tamil Name for God Murugan, The God with 6 faces Boy Hindu
Aarumughasami God Murugan, The God with 6 faces Boy Hindu
Aarunya Sunshine, First rays of the sun, Radiance or Brightness of the sun Boy Hindu
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