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List-10 of popular Indian baby names A to Z. Pick a unique and appealing Indian baby name for your baby like Adaikalam, Adalarasu. Search latest baby names of 2019 for your baby from a very trending and popular baby names collection because this name will be forever. We are aware of your big responsibilities so we are committed to helping you to give a better name to your baby. Here you can find out the top baby names of 2019.

Find Top Baby Names of 2019 by Gender, Origin and Starting Character

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Adaikalam Refuge, Provider of Shelter, protection, rescue and aid Boy Hindu
Adalarasu King of Dance, one of many names of Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Adalvallan Best Dancer, Tamil Name of Lord Shiva in Nataraja form Boy Hindu
Adambara The sound of the roaring of an elephant Boy Hindu
Adamya Formidable, Brave, United, Difficult, Stern Boy Hindu
Adarko Tamil name of Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Adarsh Ideal Boy Hindu
Adarshpal Keeper of Ideals, Well mannered and Principled man Boy Hindu
Adavak Simple, Uncomplicated, free of deceit, Unpretentious Boy Hindu
Adavan Sun , Tamil name that refers to radiant and bright sun Boy Hindu
Adavya Generous and Happy, Charming and Joyful person Boy Hindu
Adeela Equal, impartial, uniform Boy Hindu
Adeep Light, Lamp, Luminous Boy Hindu
Adel Righteous, Upright, Sincere, Justice, Noble, Equal, Alike Boy Hindu
Adelik Successful, Full of Concentration, achieving honors and wealth Boy Hindu
Adenya First, Winner, Highest quality Boy Hindu
Adesh Command, Message, means instruction in Sanskrit Boy Hindu
Adeshwar God , Supreme Being, Creator Boy Hindu
Adhamb Straightforward, Lord Shiva, Free from deceit Boy Hindu
Adhana One without Money and worldly desires Boy Hindu
Adhara Lips, signifies softness Boy Hindu
Adharmaka One who is Always Egger to Destroy, Saviour from destruction Boy Hindu
Adharsh Inspiration, Influencer, Divinity personified to inspire Soul, Sun Boy Hindu
Adhavan Brilliant, Man of World, Sun, A variant of name Adavan Boy Hindu
Adhavaryu Prayer, a worship towards God, Hope, Chance Boy Hindu
Adheash Ruler, Chief, Sovereign, Governor Boy Hindu
Adheer Restless, one who never rests Boy Hindu
Adheera Impatient, eagerly desirous, a variant name of Adheer Boy Hindu
Adheesh Ruler, Emperor, King Boy Hindu
Adheesha Ruler, Emperor, King, A variant name of Adheesh Boy Hindu
Adhesh A Command, message, One who brings God's words Boy Hindu
Adhideva Supreme God, Creator of Universe, One of many names of Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Adhik Greater, Skillful Expert, More than One, Admirable Great Person Boy Hindu
Adhikar Power, Rights, one who has the strength to act Boy Hindu
Adhikara Principal, Controller, One with power and rights, A derivative name of Adhikar Boy Hindu
Adhikavi First Poet, A variant of name Adikavi Boy Hindu
Adhiksit King, Lord, Supreme and Almighty Power, Emperor Boy Hindu
Adhila The Censurer Boy Hindu
Adhip King, Ruler, Supreme and Almighty Power, Emperor Boy Hindu
Adhipa King, Ruler, Supreme and Almighty Power, Emperor Boy Hindu
Adhira Quick, lightening Girl Hindu
Adhiraiyan Name of Lord Shiva in Tamil Boy Hindu
Adhiraj King, Ruler, Supreme and Almighty Power, Emperor Boy Hindu
Adhisankaran Lord of everything - Shiva, Supreme God Boy Hindu
Adhish Supreme God, Creator of Universe, One of many names of Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Adhishesh Abundant, Plentiful, Surplus, Adequate, more than self sufficient Boy Hindu
Adhishwar Supreme Power, Creator of Universe, One of many names of Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Adhit Scholarly, Intelligent, Wise, Bestowed with Knowledge, Noble Boy Hindu
Adhita A Scholar, Bestowed with Knowledge, A derivative name from Adhit Boy Hindu
Adhrit The One who Don't Need Any Support but Supports Everything Boy Hindu
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