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Find perfect Indian baby name for baby boy & baby girl along with meaning. Choose a name for your baby from a list of unique Indian baby names. Search latest baby names of 2019 for your baby from a very trending and popular baby names collection because this name will be forever. We are aware of your big responsibilities so we are committed to helping you to give a better name to your baby. Here you can find out the top baby names of 2019.

Find Top Baby Names of 2019 by Gender, Origin and Starting Character

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Adab The person who brings hope to the family Girl Islam
Aidah Something of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means return Girl Islam
Aabavaanan Implies a person who is responsible and reliable Boy Hindu
Aabha Glow, Splendour, Light, Brilliance, Bright and Radiant, Glorious Girl Hindu
Aabharan Means jewel, a variant form of name Abharan which means jewel in Sanskrit Boy Hindu
Aabhas Sense or Feelings, has a Sanskrit meaning as realization Boy Hindu
Aabhass Awareness, A variant name of Abhas which means realization Boy Hindu
Aabhavannan Light, also means torch bearer who brings light Boy Hindu
Aabheer Means a Cow-herd in Sanskrit, it also means one who is fearless Boy Hindu
Aabher Means a Cow-herd and is variant form of name Aabheer Boy Hindu
Aachalendra The word aachalendra means Himalayas, it signifies the person to be strong, Unchallengeable Boy Hindu
Aacharappan Restless or Proactive Boy Hindu
Aacharya Means Learned Teacher, a variant of Sanskrit name Acharya, Another Name of Drona Boy Hindu
Aachman Intake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja Boy Hindu
Aachuthan Another name of Hindu Lord Krishna Boy Hindu
Aad Aad in Islams means 'The man' and on the other hand in Sikhs it's a girl name meaning In the beginning Boy,Girl Islam,Sikh
Aadab Name aadab has a meaning of Hope and need. The person who brings hope to the family Girl Islam
Aadalarasan Means Attraction, one who attracts with his dance, It also represents one of many Lord Shiva's name in Tamil Boy Hindu
Aadalarasu Means King of Dance in Tamil, represents Lord Shiva's name as Nataraja who is considered the Lord of Dance Boy Hindu
Aadarsh Means one who has principles in Sanskrit, ideal man, a variant form of name Adarsh Boy Hindu
Aadarsha One who is ideal, optimal, and perfect Girl Hindu
Aaddhar Foundation, Ground work of anything, Base of Life Boy Hindu
Aadeep Light, Spiritual Illumination, A source of radiance Boy Hindu
Aadesh Command, Message, means instruction in Sanskrit Boy Hindu
Aadeshwar Aadeshwar is a south indian name that means God, or the won who is in a high position of authority Boy Hindu
Aadh Aadh as a word means Half Girl Sikh
Aadhan Be First Boy Hindu
Aadhar Base, A variant of Sanskrit name Aaddhar Boy Hindu
Aadhav Ruler - a person who rules or governs Boy Hindu
Aadhavan Sun, Brilliant Like the Sun, Lord Vishnu, A variant of name Aadavan Boy Hindu
Aadhikara Lord Shiva, A variant of Sanskrit name Adhikara which means Principal Boy Hindu
Aadhikesavan One who is Ideal for Others Boy Hindu
Aadhimulam One who is beginning of Everything, Source cause of everything Boy Hindu
Aadhinarayanan The First God, A name form of Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Aadhira Moon, To sentimentalize and remember nostalgically Girl Hindu
Aadhirai A Special Star Girl Hindu
Aadhiseshan Any One, it is also considered as one of many names of Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Aadhish King, Emperor, Ruler, Person with supreme power Boy Hindu
Aadhishankar Sri Shankaracharya, Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy , A name formed after Lord Shiva as Shankar Boy Hindu
Aadhunik Modern, New, Latest, a name variant of Adhunik Boy Hindu
Aadi First, Most Important,Beginning, Starting, Source form of life Boy Hindu
Aadijay The First Victory , Success, Boy Hindu
Aadimoola Supreme Being , A variant of name Aadimoolan Boy Hindu
Aadinath God, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, The First God Boy Hindu
Aadipta Bright, Intelligent, Radiant, Luminous, Glorious Boy Hindu
Aadir Origin, Beginning, Point of space or time where anything begins, Source Boy Hindu
Aadish Full of Wisdom, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Noble Boy Hindu
Aadishankar Shrishankaracharya, The Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy Boy Hindu
Aadishwar Aadishwar, Bhagvan, Supreme God, First Jain Tirthankara Boy Hindu
Aadit Peak, Shade, Sheltered, Bright, Radiant, Illuminate Boy Hindu
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