Meaning of Baby Name Aadarsha

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Baby Name: Aadarsha

Meaning of the name Aadarsha: One who is ideal, optimal, and perfect

Gender: Girl
Origin: Hindu
Language: Hindi,Indian
Rashi : Mesa / Mesh / Aries
Numerology: 9
Meaning of terrific hindu girl baby name 'Aadarsha' is one who is ideal, optimal, and perfect. This name is a in demand baby girl name in India.
According to numerology, the person named Aadarsha is fighting injustice, spiritual, compassionate, nurturing, helpful, loyal, creative.
According to Indian astrology rashi, name Aadarsha is believe to be confident, independent, bold, competitive, goal oriented and passionate about his believe.
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Aadarsha is Girl baby name Hindu. Meaning of Aadarsha is one who is ideal, optimal, and perfect. Find zodiac sign and numerology.. Search latest baby names of 2019 for your baby from a very trending and popular baby names collection because this name will be forever. We are aware of your big responsibilities so we are committed to helping you to give a better name to your baby. Here you can find out the top baby names of 2019.

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aalia Excellent, Highest social standing, Tall, Towering Girl Hindu
Aamani Spring season, Vasanth Ritu, Season of Flowers, Pleasant Early morning surroundings Girl Hindu
Aanchal Protective shelter, Refuge, Safe haven, Sanctuary Girl Hindu
Aanya Inexhaustible, Limitless, Resurrection Girl Hindu
Aaradhana Worship, Reverence, Adoration, Devotion, Adulation, Respect, An act of glorifying God Girl Hindu
Aaradhaya Regard, sentiment of affection, esteem, respect Girl Hindu
Aaradhya To be worshipped, To be accomplished, To be made favorable, To be adored and respected Girl Hindu
Aaral The one as beautiful as a flower Girl Hindu
Aarna Goddess Lakshmi, Water, Wave, Effervescing, Stream Girl Hindu
Aarohi A music tune, Progressive, Evolving Girl Hindu
Aarpit To Donate, Giving away, offering Girl Hindu
Aarushi First rays of the sun, Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of Sun, Early morning Sunshine Girl Hindu
Aaryan Kind Hearted, Good to Others, Illustrious, Glorious, Renowned Girl Hindu
Aaryanna Powerful & complete who renowned by Lord Girl Hindu
Aasha Hope, Desire, Wish, Hopeful, Wishful thinking Girl Hindu
Aasha Latha Creeper Of Hope, Aasha means wishes or desire and Latha means creeper Girl Hindu
Aashi Smile, Laughter, Cheerful, Delighted and Happy, Girl Hindu
Aashna Beloved, Devoted to love, Someone who treasures love, Dearmost, Close to heart, One who fulfills wishes Girl Hindu
Aashrita One who has taken refuge in the Lord, One who seeks shelter in abode of God, One of many names of Goddess Laxmi Girl Hindu
Aashvi One of many names of Goddess Saraswati Girl Hindu