Meaning of Baby Name Aabhavannan

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Baby Name: Aabhavannan

Meaning of the name Aabhavannan: Light, also means torch bearer who brings light

Gender: Boy
Origin: Hindu
Language: Indian
Rashi : Mesa / Mesh / Aries
Numerology: 6
Meaning of superb hindu boy baby name 'Aabhavannan' is light, also means torch bearer who brings light. This name is a in demand baby boy name in India.
According to numerology, the person named Aabhavannan is compassionate, kind, nurturing, peaceful, helpful, supportive, great for advice.
According to Indian astrology rashi, name Aabhavannan is believe to be confident, independent, bold, competitive, goal oriented and passionate about his believe.
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Aabhavannan is Boy baby name Hindu. Meaning of Aabhavannan is light, also means torch bearer who brings light. Find zodiac sign and numerology.. Search latest baby names of 2019 for your baby from a very trending and popular baby names collection because this name will be forever. We are aware of your big responsibilities so we are committed to helping you to give a better name to your baby. Here you can find out the top baby names of 2019.

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Aashka Mercy of God, Blessings, bestowment of God Boy Hindu
Aashlesh To Embrace , acceptance Boy Hindu
Aashman Son of the sun, Boy Hindu
Aashrith Ruler, One of the many names of Lord Vinayaka Boy Hindu
Aashutosh One who is easily pleased, One who Full fills Wishes Instantly Boy Hindu
Aasif An Able Minister Boy Hindu
Aasit Black Stone Boy Hindu
Aasra Sahara, Help, Anchor, To serve Boy Hindu
Aastik One who has faith in god, Believer in God Boy Hindu
Aasvi Little Mare Boy Hindu
Aatherya A Disciple of Sage Vamadeva Boy Hindu
Aathiswaran The Fire , Refers to the God of origin, Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Aathrav Auspicious, Lucky, It is also one of Lord Ganesha's Name Boy Hindu
Aatma Soul, Light Of The Lord, A deeply felt Emotion Boy Hindu
Aatmadeva God of the Soul, A variant name from Aatma Boy Hindu
Aatmaj Son, Beloved to soul, A variant name of Aatma Boy Hindu
Aatmik Spirit, Soul, A variant name of Aatma Boy Hindu
Aatrey An ancient Name Boy Hindu
Aatreya Name of a sage , A derivative from Aatrey Boy Hindu
Aaush Long Life, A variant name of Aayush Boy Hindu